The Campus Uprisings archive is a documentation of contemporary student protests in Indian universities. The first stage focuses on the central universities of BHU (Benaras Hindu University), JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and HCU (Hyderabad Central University). The documentation is self reflexive process undertaken by the students of the universities in a bid to record, preserve, narrativise and create engagement with campus politics in India. The Campus Uprisings collection is an archival intervention in the present moment. Unlike the emergency and anti caste collection this is primarily a born digital repository with immediate ramifications for contemporary university politics that has increasingly been spilling onto the national political stage. As an archive of the contemporary this is an ever evolving collection simultaneously looking back and onwards with a narrative that will continue to morph with sustained engagement as new political dialogues unfold.

Swami Omji Threatens the Protestors at JNU
P Sainath's Lecture at JNU
North East Student's Forum Sing at the Protests
Apurbanand's Lecture at JNU

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